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Premium 35-35


  • Light weight aero wheels perfect for climbing and fast group rides

- 1316g a set (with TUFF OS hubs)

- Options of DT240 EXP hubs (-39g), DT180 EXP hubs (-62g)

Chris King R45 (-12g)

or DT350 (+35g),

Superior braking with ASW braking surface

  • - Stronger more consistent braking, even on long descent
  • 35mm deep profiles front and rear
    - Reduces weight for climbing
    - Improves cross wind stability
  • 19mm wide internal tubeless compatible rims
    - Improves lateral stiffness
    - Increases the tire volume - better grip, rolling resistance, and comfort
  • High performance Pillar or optional Sapim CXray aero bladed stainless steel spokes
    - 20 spoke front and 24 rear (option of 18/21 with TUFF OS hubs)
    - Strong and light
    - Cut through the air resulting in less drag.

Product Specs

Data Front Rear Wheelset
Rim Weight 390g 390g 780g
Dt240s 582g 695g 1277g
Dt350s 588g 763g 1351g
King R45 582g 722g 1304g
TUFF OS Premium 592g 724g 1316g
Rim Spec Front Rear
Depth 35mm 35mm
Internal Width 19mm 19mm
External Width 26mm 26mm
Hole Count 18h/20h 21h/24h
Effective Rim Diameter 569mm 569mm
Optimum Tire Size 25C/28C 25C/28C
Tubeless Compatible
Rider Capacity weight max 275LBS/125kg


Advanced Side Wall Technology




Customer Reviews

5 / 5 stars


Thanks for the prompt response.
Email: mephisto.waltz@gmail.com
Invoice: T-1441

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4 / 5 stars

I bought a pair 35-35's earlier this year and have been pleased with the wheels. I seldom ride in the rain but today I was caught in a sudden downpour. To my surprise, the wheels brake extremely well. I have a small complaint though, the skewers are ultralight which is great but the springs that came with them isn't. The springs are too thin and both front and back skwers' spring got caught in the hub. No problem if you don't remove your wheels but when you do, you will have issues. I contacted TUFF but no had no response.

Other than that, pre-purchase procedures/communications are quick and smooth like how the wheels roll. I would recommend anyone to get a pair but change the springs and save yourself some headaches.


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Respond TO Aluminati
3 / 5 stars

hi Aluminati, we have saw your review of tuff wheels here, we are sorry for the QR springs issues. and we have double checked our all of email boxes we didn't received your email, could you please leave your email /your real name or your order number then we can send email to you and help you to solve the spring problems.
thanks for everything

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exactly what the name of the wheels sais: premium rock and roll
5 / 5 stars

I was looking for a budget price light carbon wheels and came across Tuffcycle wheels. The web page looked good, description and the info of the wheels looked even better, among the options of the rim depth and weight I found the perfect match for my wishes: Premium 35mm. So I decided to give it a go. Realy nice option of the Tuffcycle wheels is the option of customization from the hubs to the colours of the decals of your hart desires. Ordering proces and custimazation of the wheels is very intuitive and simple. Custom support from the team is supperb and for (I assume) small team quick to response and very helpful. Now about the wheels. There are two bigest consernes when buying carbon rim brake wheels: bracking and quality of manufacturing. 1. bracking: previusly owning alu wheels I've noticed no difference in bracking performance of the Tuff carbon wheels to that of a alu - which shoud be beter. Bracking power is the same if nor greater on these carbon wheels. Even in the wet (and I mean wet wet, 2 hours of riding in heavy rain and with a 40min descent) the bracking was as good as on alu wheels. Also there is no visible wear on the bracking surface after some big descents. 2. quality of production: final tipping point for decision of buying these wheels was the video of bracking test on the web page. If they have such a test and attention to safety surely the production must be top notch. And indeed after recieving the wheels and after 600km everything is as it should be. The bearings are smooth, wheels are true and there is no problem with the quality. Now a couple of personal notes. Go for the Tuff Os premium hub. It's lighter, cheaper and when you will hear free hub sound you will fall in love; just the right amount of lound and pitch. If you are looking for a lightweight do-it-all wheels the 35 are perfect. For a clincher wheels as light as most tubulars on the market. And 35mm offers aero advantages. You can really fell the featherweght when climbing or out of the sadle, perfect for local KOM's. On a descent and streight wheels are stable, responsive and on point all the time. Only downside of the lightweight is that they are a bit sensitive to croswind. I would compare it with 45 or 50mm deep alu wheels (which are 600+ g hevier).
All in all the Tuff cycle wheels are featherweight, premium wheels, which would cost much much more with different label on the side and are therefore one of the best on the market.

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Lifetime Warranty Keeps You Riding & Happy

TUFF do not deal with distributors or retailers and this allows us to communicate directly and hence fix issues more efficiently. We warrant our wheels to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of three years after purchase. We pride ourselves in getting wheels back to clients quickly and being available when you need us. The warranty applies to the original owner but we also assist secondary owners if the product has been treated fairly. Free ongoing service is also available for three years after purchase including free wheel truing & spoke replacement if required at no extra charge (just pay shipping). In other words we will do our absolute best to make your experience with TUFF a positive one.

This Warranty Does Not Cover

Damage caused by a crash, wear and tear, or incorrect installation. If you do strike some back luck, know that you can rely on us to get you back up to speed as fast as possible. Please contact us immediately if you encounter any issues with your TUFF wheels.

Crash Replacement Policy

The TUFF crash replacement policy is available at 50% off the retail price of any required new parts and labour for the same level wheel as your original purchase. Once approved and paid we require you to send us the crashed wheel/s to us then receive your rebuilt set back (we pay for the return post).

NOTE: When sending in an item for warranty please remove tires, tubes, cassettes, skewers, computer magnets, etc. If you fail to remove these items we are not responsible for them but always take care with client’s possessions.

Free shipping on all orders

Free shipping on all orders

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We accept credit cards, PayPal, and bank wires

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Contact us: info@tuffcycle.com