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Saw D45
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    • Light weight aero wheels perfect for climbing and fast group rides

    - 1390g a set (with TUFF 12mm thru Road Disc Hubs)
    - Options of DT350 (+60g) or DT240 hubs (-15g)

    • 45mm deep road disc brake rims front and rear
      - Reduced weight for climbing
      - Improved cross wind stability
    • 19mm wide internal rims
      - Improves lateral stiffness
      - Increases the tire volume - better grip, rolling resistance, and comfort.
    • High performance Pillar or optional Sapim CXray spokes
      - 24 spokes front & rear
      - Strong and light
      - Cut through the air resulting in less drag.

    Product Specs

    Data Front Rear Wheelset
    Rim Weight 425g 425g 850g
    Dt240s 637g 765g 1402g
    Dt350s 648g 790g 1438g
    TUFF OS Disc 635g 750g 1385g
    Rim Spec Front Rear
    Depth 45mm 45mm
    Internal Width 19mm 19mm
    External Width 26mm 26mm
    Hole Count 24h 24h
    Effective Rim Diameter 549mm 549mm
    Optimum Tire Size 25C~28C 25C~28C
    Tubeless Compatible
    Rider Capacity weight max 275LBS/125kg


    Customer Reviews

    Tuff SAW 45
    5 / 5 stars

    First of all: I am biased. I have gotten to know Phillip and Jasmine, and was sucked into the Tuffcycle family and enjoy being a part of it - very much so. However that doesn’t take away that I am a very critical, nitpicking customer and I wanted to see what the fuss is about with carbon wheels and disk brakes. Enter the Workswell R166-D and the Tuff 45mm disk brake thru axle hubset.
    Must admit that I was a bit sceptical of these hubs at first. I had never heard of them before and was more used to DT, Shimano and Campagnolo, having grown up with those. However they performed admirably. I knew how much Jasmine was focused on quality so for the wheels I had no worries. Which was proven when I saw the actual rims: nice.
    Then the wheelset. This arrived in a very neat package, papers in order and rim tape already installed. The set weighing in at 1496 grams on my local bike mechanic’s scale. One note: have you ever had your local bike mechanic pick up your wheels, give them a spin and saying: “that is one nice set. Where did you get them again and what price?”. I did - and I highly reccommended ;-). Qualitywise I would say they are at the level of the high tier wheelsets like Zipp and Maybe just behind Enve, but definitely above the mid range.
    Pricewise they are at an entirely different level - just above the lower end Chinese range. I had a “family discount” but mine would be $955 retail which my mechanic said was a steal.
    Now for the critical part, the ride: these things feel like my regular road wheels (DT240 with RR511 rims), except a lot lighter. That is really all I can say as they basically climb like a lightweight wheelset, and descend like a stable heavyweight. No problems untill now and I honestly think it will be a long time before anything happens to them.
    Then my gripes: the decals that were put on seem to be a bot thicker than usual. This means that they can come loose quickly if you put something like a fingernail to them. Would be a shame since I like their looks a lot.
    Secondly I had some rattling from the valve (I use inner tubes, this will not occur woth tubeless). Resolved this by using the valve screw and have had no issues since. If you want you could use some heat shrink or similar, but this was the easiest and it works.

    In short: I may be biased cause I know the people who make them, but I feel perfectly safe to reccomend these to anybody.

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    Lifetime Warranty Keeps You Riding & Happy

    TUFF do not deal with distributors or retailers and this allows us to communicate directly and hence fix issues more efficiently. We warrant our wheels to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of three years after purchase. We pride ourselves in getting wheels back to clients quickly and being available when you need us. The warranty applies to the original owner but we also assist secondary owners if the product has been treated fairly. Free ongoing service is also available for three years after purchase including free wheel truing & spoke replacement if required at no extra charge (just pay shipping). In other words we will do our absolute best to make your experience with TUFF a positive one.

    This Warranty Does Not Cover

    Damage caused by a crash, wear and tear, or incorrect installation. If you do strike some back luck, know that you can rely on us to get you back up to speed as fast as possible. Please contact us immediately if you encounter any issues with your TUFF wheels.

    Crash Replacement Policy

    The TUFF crash replacement policy is available at 50% off the retail price of any required new parts and labour for the same level wheel as your original purchase. Once approved and paid we require you to send us the crashed wheel/s to us then receive your rebuilt set back (we pay for the return post).

    NOTE: When sending in an item for warranty please remove tires, tubes, cassettes, skewers, computer magnets, etc. If you fail to remove these items we are not responsible for them but always take care with client’s possessions.

    Free shipping on all orders

    Free shipping on all orders

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    We accept credit cards, PayPal, and bank wires

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    Contact us: info@tuffcycle.com