Do you get frustrated with the lack of choice so many brands offer? They are so busy pumping out hundreds of wheels per day they only make what they think is going to sell the most – whether it suits the customer or not as long as it sells. At TUFF we still hand build every wheel customised to match each order. While we put many options on the website to try and cover what most people are likely to ask for – we can actually do a lot more if you ask for it.


The rims.
The hubs
The spokes

Spoke numbers and sometimes spoke pattern (depends on hub compatibility etc)
Colour of the spoke nipples
Customized decals
Our EXO wheels are developed as a system, so we can’t swap hubs and spoke specs, but there is a chance we could do something different with the rims (we are working on more options) and we definitely can do something special with the decals.

So what do we mean when we say customised or the customer can choose?


We have a dozen rims we use all the time and are super popular, but we haven’t had time yet to add everything everybody could what. So if you want something we don’t show as available – ask us and we will see if one of our top notch factories has something we can still get for you.

We also advertise our wheelsets as a deeper profile rear wheel than the front wheel. This is just to our taste and many customers like this. But if you say wanted a set of 45/45 wheels, or something extreme like 30/88 – just ask we can do that for you!


DT hubs are super popular for their robust quality and excellent price points for a famous brand set of hubs. So we tend to always show these options on the website.

But if you have your heart set on the VERY pricy Chris King road hubs with ceramic bearings – we can do that. In fact we just did a set of wheels for a customer.

While not as popular any more we can also get the latest Powertap hubs as well

I’m waiting for somebody to order a set of pink hubs, because we have a few options where we can do that – and it would really stand out.

Something that none of the big brands sell is a set of road rims built to Mountain Bike hubs with 40 spokes front and rear for say a tandem. We could though. Match the right hubs with a strong rim custom drilled = one more happy customer. Actually two happy customers in this example.


As mentioned just above, most hub models can be had in different spoke counts (except our EXO wheels). If you see a set of wheels you like but what to build them lighter with less spokes, or more robust with more spokes – ask us and we can see what we can do to help.

Some hubs also have the choice of radial or crossed spoke patterns. Unless you say otherwise we will build your wheels the way think is most suitable. But if you want something different discuss it with us. Might mean changing the hubs, but we build to what you want!

Unfortunately not as many hubs come with a decent 2:1 rear hub spoke design. This is my personal favourite. If you really want 2:1 rear spoking, we can find hubs that allow it and build a good wheel.

Our favourite high end spokes are Sapim. We have a great relationship with them. If you want a specific spoke from their range for your build, we can see if we can get them for you. But if you want a different brand, again we can try and get those for you as well. I haven’t heard if we have built any wheels with Titanium spokes yet (they are light weight but not as stiff as steel). If somebody wanted that we could do it.

Spoke nipples

We tend to stick to black Sapim Alu spokes. They are light weight and build great wheels. But if you want coloured nipples to match your bike – our nipple suppliers can supply quite a range to suit your request.

An additional choice could be brass nipples which are very popular with people who know they need to true their wheels a lot. They do weigh a little more but some people appreciate the ease of servicing wheels with brass nipples.

We haven’t done pink decals yet (that I’ve been told about). But imagine this as a gift for the female cyclist in your life (or anybody who likes pink…)

-Anodized light weight pink hubs
-Anodized pink nipples with black spokes – reduced spoke count for a lighter weight cyclist
-Bright Pink decals
-Lower profile light weight aero rims


Red hubs
Silver nipples on black spokes
Blue decals

Or the other way around!


Anodized Gold Hubs front, Green rear
Alternating Gold/Green nipples
Gold decals on one side, Green on the other. Might be really stunning if the decals front to rear were different LHS/RHS to each other.

We are looking to add things like road disc brake wheels to our range, and eventually maybe even Fat bike wheels. So as I’ve said many times – if you want something different ASK US and we will see what we can do. The price for custom built wheels?

All our wheels are custom built. But depending on what you want to customise differently to our normal stock of parts will determine the final price. Currently the Boss is being extremely reasonable with the quotes for custom work. But then all the pricing for TUFF products are extremely reasonable. There might be other options that are cheaper, but you won’t get our level of quality.

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