tuff wheels overview

road wheels

Exo & helium Series

The Lightweight TUFF EXO & HELIUM Range of Wheels Combine The Our Quality Carbon Rims With HIGH-TECH Carbon Fiber Spokes
Carbon spokes have good rigidity, lightweight, fast force conduction, and fast speed when riding.
Carbon spokes are half the weight of high-end steel spokes.
Carbon spokes are easily tensioned, serviced, and replaced like normal spoked wheels.

  • TUFF G3 Asymmetry Hub for Helium series
  • 54T Ratchets System
  • Carbon Spoke
    T800 Carbon Rim 
    DT SWISS Bearing
    Climbing & Flat Road & Racing
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TUFF PREMIUM& SAW Carbon Clinchers Apply The Best Carbon Rim And HUB Design To Produce Stiff and Light Racing Wheels, If You Want To Have The Performance of the EXO & HELIUM series with high Cost-effective, this is your choice. The PREMIUM & SAW series features the same features as the EXO & HELIUM series, but with more traditional steel spokes. Although the weight is slightly less than the N series, still maintains the characteristics of lightweight.

  • TUFF G3 Asymmetry Hub for SAW disc brake series only
  • 54T Ratchets System
  • SAPIM CX-RAY Spoke
    T800 Carbon Rim 
    DT SWISS Bearing
    Climbing & Flat Road & Racing 


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Gravel Cross

Dusty Series

TUFFs new “DUSTY” gravel and CX wheels/rims bring together all our latest technology in rims and hubs

to produce a set of wheels that are both lighter AND stronger.

-D40 & D50 Wheel

D40 &D50 wheels are the original purpose-built gravel race wheelset, made for high-speed, big elevation, off-road pursuits. 

-D29AR & D40AR & D50AR 

D29AR Intended Use: Gravel, Bikepacking
D40AR Intended Use:  Go-to for just about any terrain or surface conditions. 
D50AR  Intended Use: Road, All-Road
Inner rim width: 24mm
• Recommended Tire Size: 36mm – 50mm
• Tubeless Optimized; Tube Compatible

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Rebellious, unconventional, and pioneering are words that describe the one-of-its-kind COBBLE Disc wheel. COBBLE wheels is a modern carbon road wheel in every way. Riders with inclinations toward racing and hard solo efforts or those looking for the road lost and forgotten will find the dynamic properties the modern road rider needs. the COBBLE Disc was developed to deliver top-shelf aero performance, stability, and comfort for virtually any road surface.  

Rim inner width:21mm 
Intended Use: Road, Triathlon, All-Road



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mountain bike wheel

The best mountain bike wheels should make your bike, and you, perform even better. TUFF’s cross country, trail, enduro, all mountain and downhill carbon wheels are lightweight, strong and reliable. Designed with flat protection, reliability, an outstanding warranty and Lifetime Incident Protection, TUFF’s mountain wheels, available in 29” and 27.5”, are made to give you a better ride experience.


XC: Short track, marathons, and all-day suffer fests.
You’re the perfect candidate for the XC series of wheels — light and fast.

Trail: Going uphill, downhill, and doing it all day.
Our high-performing, do-it-all wheelset is for those who just like to ride their bike: the M5 series Looking for more all-mountain strength? Try the AM5

Aggressive Trail and Enduro: Fast, steep and chunky. I will pedal to get there.
You need strength and flat protection. The M6 or AM5 will have your back.

Downhill: bike parks, airtime, chairlifts, DH, enduro and shuttles.
For the pinnacle of strength and dependability, the M9 series is for you.




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