I love to ride, and prefer to ride hard. So was looking for a pair of clincher that would endure the abuse that I would throw at it

Was introduced by friends who’s tried both EXO and the Ultimate clincher and decided to email the Team at TUFFcycle to find out more about the wheels and warranty.

What captured my attention was the 3 years warranty and lifetime crash replacement; it shows how much the guys are willing to stand behind their product.

Through several email, the team was extremely patient with my never-ending question and explained in detail how they would be building up my wheels.

And to my surprise, they even allowed me to customized and build it up with Chris King R45 hubs and allowed me to choose the profile I wanted.

Not to mention the shipment was so fast! It only took 3-4 days to reach me.

Have done about 500km on my TUFF wheels; I’m really beginning to love it. Have tried to smash it hard on rides, ridden into and out of potholes, attempted bunny hops, so far they remain tune.

Also went for a mountain climb n descent, and I had no issues with braking.

If you are interested, just drop an email. I’m sure they will be in touch with you promptly



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